Boob B-Warmer Dress

84.95 45.95

Maternity dress / Nursing dress

Boob’s Cali-style sweatshirt dress is perfect for those days when you need to leave the house but don’t want to change out of your sweats. It features Boob’s smart nursing function hidden under a fleece lining that protects your bust from the wind and cold. Cinch the drawstring beneath the bust for a snugger fit. The fleece bust section is made from recycled PET bottles and the rest is made out of super soft, brushed organic cotton. Relax it with sneakers or rock out in boots.

Sustainable material and responsible production


Smart Nursing Feature

The overlap across the bust makes nursing easy, comfortable and discreet. It opens simply with one hand, leaving the other free to hold your baby.

Warming fleece-lined front overlap.

The front overlap is lined with a thin layer of fleece to keep your bosom warm.